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  Church in Ladywood Birmingham

The Living Well Church

Church in Ladywood Birmingham

  Church in Ladywood Birmingham


 Where we meet   - LADYWOOD COMMUNITY CENTER  St. Vincent Street West. Ladywood B16 8RP


 Church Ladywood Clem Ferris Prohetic ministry

Churches in Ladywood Birmingham

We offer a loving fellowship and prophetic anointed ministry

Spirit filled and led Church ministry gifted with many talents with a heart of worship towards God and rich ministry of Life and love to all, especially to those walking wounded and those from all walks of life and differing backgrounds.

We welcome all.

Come see for yourselves.

Every Sunday 11.00am until 1.00pm

The Church in Ladywood Birmingham welcomes you. Come taste and see that the Lord is good.


Vincent Street West. Ladywood B16 8RP

The Living Well Church in Ladywood Birmingham

How to get there

N0. 80 bus stops nearby on Ladywood Middleway

Contact 0121 454 4052 for all enquiries…..